Jackson Rivers

A Unique Entertainer Written By Owen Gee. Kiss FM

Jackson on sax with Peter Gabriel

New Jersey Football Stadium

If practice makes perfect then expirience creates absolute perfection. Such could be said of Jackson Rivers. At the age of 14 he formed his own band whilst still a schoolboy. On reaching 21, and based on his earlier experiences, Jackson formed another band and embarked on a six month tour of the American Forces Bases in Germany. After many long hours of rehersing and performing they ventured into a studio and recorded a track which was picked up by both Ice and A&M records. The latter immediately signed them for an album deal, which included tracks written by Jackson. Plus some co-written with Alan Gorie of The Average White Band. Alan was also the producer. Shortly after Jackson, with his now well practised band, were engaged to tour Great Britain in support of the Average White Band. This subsequently led to them touring in support of the legendary Marvin Gaye.